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1st Prize Florida Writer's Assoc. Royal Palm Literary Awards 2011

"Dark and fascinating,powerful story telling."- Tom Brown, The Dolphins' View

"This page turner will keep you on edge until the last page, and then you're wondering what happens next?"- Charlene Meeker, Cookies in Heaven.

A funny, a bit scary, twist of the vampire legend into a tale of friendship, danger and hope. Esmeralda's quest takes her through hair-raising experiences until she discovers the true beauty inside herself and those around her. Dr. Ghoulash is the craziest vampire king you will ever encounter until he shows his true bite is far worse than his bark.

A ghoulish page-turner by the award-winning author of The Rockhound Science Mysteries, TEACHERS CHOICE AWARD (LEARNING) edited by Mary Lois Sanders. (Court Jester Publications, 2010). Available from, Amazon, and Kindle.