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The Rockhound Science Mysteries Books & CD Rom

How can frozen orange juice ice pops solve "Rockhound's Juiciest Case?"

If the thief who is stealing 'MONSTER JUICE' isn't human or an animal, how is it being done?

What scientific experiments will expose the "Frazzled Fortune Teller"?

Nine imaginative cases challenge children to read carefully, think creatively and use simple, safe, experiments.

Praised by educators, home schoolers, and loved by children, the series received The Teachers Choice Award from LEARNING(2001) and "The Millennium Portfolio Award" from Media & Methods Magazine 2000).

Book 1: Rockhound's Juiciest Case, The Fizzling Fossil Puzzler, Jack and the Greenstalks.

Book 2: The Case of the Rotten Egg, The Multimillion Mousey Mystery, The Strange Case of Dr. Jerkyl and Dr. Hide.

Book 3: The Frazzled Fortune Teller, Rockhound's Dirtiest Case, The Midnight Ride of Rockhound.

CD Rom is Mac/Win compatible live action/animated video experiment solutions plus eight mini-mysteries.

Also Available: NEW Activity Books 1,2,3: Language, writing, reading skills (